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We understand how important it is to our commercial clients to receive the highest quality service, equipment, and training. We are a full service company that can perform timely repairs and quality work. We always have CPO's on hand to provide the support your organization needs. We also can prepare and administer professional training for your maintenance and service staff that will allow you to save time and money by using your existing staff. We have developed proven methods to ensure that pools and spas are ready for use with safe clean water. You can call on us for all you commercial pool and spa needs. We strive to work with our suppliers and vendors to keep our rates as competitive as possible with an unbeatable quality of service.

Sampling of our Commercial Services:

  • Pool renovations and remodeling

  • Leak detections and repair

  • ADA Compliance

  • Pool Replaster and finishes

  • Pool Covers

  • Filter Systems

  • Water Features and Fountains

  • Splash Pad Installation and Mainteance

  • Chemical  Feed Systems

  • Starting Blocks

  • Tile Replacement and Repair

  • Pump Systems

  • Chemical Delivery

  • Water Slides  Refinishng

  • Salt Systems

  • Deck Replacement and refinishing

  • Expansion Joint Installation and Replacement

  • Professional Tile and Coping Cleaning / Sealing

  • Structural Gunite Repair

  • Re-Plumbing of Equipment

  • Underwater Repairs

  • Main Drain Installation

  • Plumbing and Filtration System repair and replacement

  • Virginia Graeme Baker Act Compliance

  • Coping Replacement/Repair

  • Underwater Repairs

  • Handrails and Ladder Replacement/Repair

  • Pool Lights/Fixtures Replacement/Repairs

  • Skimmer Replacement/Repair

  • Depth Markers/No Diving Sets

  • Crack Repair and Epoxy Injection

  • State Health Code Compliance

  • Chemical Automation

  • Vacuum Safety Release Devises

  • UV Systems (medium and Low Pressure)

  • Heater Repairs and Installation

  • Plumbing Repair

  • Racing Lane Repairs and Installation

  • Automatic Pool Cleaners

  • Pool Auto-Fill Installation and Repair

Certified Pool Technician - Commecial Swim

Commercial Swim’s quick response and availability will ensure that your facility needs are handled promptly. Our technicians are always well-dressed, professionally groomed, and well-mannered at all times on your premise.

Commercial Swim - Serving Austin, TX


We believe that our chemical combination along with automation provides water that is clean, clear, and more stable due to the constant attention the automatic controls and feeders provide. Our products are safer and easier to store than most commercial pool chemicals. You won’t have to worry about large delivery trucks of chlorine bleach, bleach spills, bleach quality. Our Products are always top quality and hold their potency for years. Commercial Swim’s delivery staff is professional and knowledgeable. They can perform water chemistry testing on site, make necessary adjustment to the controllers, pumps, and or filters of your feed system to ensure peak performance.

Water Slide Repair, Restoration and Repainting Services


Product: SlideRenu®

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