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Swimming Pool Inspections - Commercial Swim

Our residential pool inspection fee starting at  $275. A "Pool School" can be added at the time of the pool inspection for an additional $50.


Make sure your pool is safe for your family and in good running order. Pool inspections can find minor issues before they become a major or catastrophic problems. This could save you thousands of dollars. Trained pool and spa professionals will evaluate your water quality, safety equipment, the physical conditions of facilities, and the condition of your current pool equipment.

When buying a new house or even looking for an energy audit, a pool inspection will provide piece go mind instead of paying large repair or renovation bills further down the road. 

Our inspections include a comprehensive inspections of the pool equipment as well as the pool structure, pool surface, as well as the deck tile and coping.

We also offer energy audits and pool schools for those new into pool ownership.

Our inspectors are trained CPO (Certified Pool Operators)

and Certified Pool Inspectors.

Serving Austin and surrounding areas

New home with pool

​​Buying a new home with a swimming pool?

Do your research and find out what is wrong with the pool and make sure that is safe before you close on the home. Home owners have saved thousands of dollars by getting the pool inspected before buying their new home.

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