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Having issues with your pool equipment?

It may be time to repair or renovate those issues.


Our in house crews take on all repairs and renovations including:

  • deck repair, 

  • plumbing repair,

  • structural repairs,

  • as well as all filter and pump room repairs.


Our crew experience of over 60 years in the pool industry offers full repair of such items as:

  • Pool resurfacing,

  • Tile repair and replacement,

  • Coping repair and replacement,

  • Ada compliance,

  • Ladder installation and recommendations,

  • Full code compliance within the state of Texas.


No repair or renovation job is too small.

Residential or commercial, you will be treated fairly and not have to worry about not having service after the sale. 

We are licensed and insured and do our jobs in house to insure quality control.

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