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Swimming Pool and Spa Safety Starts with You!

On July 23, 2010, the US Department of Justice released updated ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Among the updates for a number of facility types were new requirements specifically for public swimming pools. These new revisions require public pools and spas to have accessible means of entry and exit for people with disabilities.

All facilities will have to satisfy these requirements by March 15, 2012. This regulation applies to new and existing pools. Public facilities include but are not limited to city/county pools, hotels, camps, health clubs, and waterparks.The options to meet these requirements, include sloped entries, lifts, or a transfer system. Please click the button above for a free federal compliance consultation by Commercial Swim management.

Public pool ADA Compliance


Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, and Spas (Sections 242, 1009)

Accessible means of entry/exit are required for swimming pools. Such accessible means of entry include a pool lift or sloped entry, and either a transfer wall, transfer system, or pool stairs. Wading pools must provide a sloped entry, and spas must provide a pool lift, transfer wall, or transfer system. Wave action pools, leisure rivers, and sand bottom pools where user access is limited to one area shall not be required to provide more than one accessible means of entry, either a pool lift, sloped entry, or a transfer system.

ADA Guidelines
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